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W Hotels

W Hotels

In the hotel business, W Hotels are young. Not just in the sense that they haven’t been around long enough to buy themselves beer yet, but their aesthetic is tailored to a younger generation. And a hotel that is young in spirit needs to attract a younger audience. So how do you tell a youthful market that something is cool? Well, the last thing you do is call yourself cool, young or #fun. Instead, you talk to the “opposite” audience that wouldn’t like your hotel– reminding an older clientele that they won’t have fun there.


If you can't read it, chances are you are too old for W Hotels.

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Website redirect

When somebody who is a little older tries to book a room at a W Hotel, we’ll let them know that a W Hotel might not be the best fit for them - by redirecting them to The Westin. The Westin is in the W family of hotels, but it's a bit more traditional. The weblink will automatically send them directly to the sister hotel and welcome them with a discounted rate.

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